Thermometer Digital Probe Meat Kitchen Wireless Cooking Bbq Food Oven Grill

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  • LCD screen lets you quickly check the cooking status
  • Pre-programmed settings help you roast, grill or smoke meat
  • Includes probe, temperature alarm and timer

Product Overview

Roast to the perfect temperature every time with the Maverick Digital Roasting Thermometer. Preprogrammed settings eliminate the guesswork when roasting, grilling or smoking meat. An LCD screen color of blue, green or red provides a quick visual indicator of roasting progress, and an alarm beeps when food or timer is done. This thermometer is preprogrammed for nine kinds of meat, including chicken, fish, poultry, pork, veal and lamb. It includes 42 in. stainless steel wire/probe to reach your oven.
  • LCD color-coded screen is blue when you begin to cook, green when almost ready and red when ready
  • Preprogrammed for nine kinds of meat: ground beef, ground poultry, beef, veal, chicken, pork, poultry, lamb and fish
  • Also easy to program with your own custom settings
  • 42 in. stainless steel wire/probe reaches any oven
  • Probe and wire are heat resistant to 662 degrees F
  • Count-up or count-down timer
  • Alarm beeps when food or timer is done
  • Three ways to mount: stand up, magnets or hanging bracket

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